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Nb-iot smart gas solution

The smart gas meter of Internet of things is to connect the gas consumption data, battery power, signal strength, valve status, temperature and pressure data to the special network through the installation of communication module, upload them to the client server, and convert the data analysis into business data through the management platform, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of the user's gas consumption settlement and use environment, The management system is sent to the table synchronously according to the business instructions, and then pushed to the users through other online platforms: APP, official account and text message. Users can get their own gas bill to perform remote recharge and other business processes.








● Solve the problems of gas companies' difficulty in meter reading and users' difficulty in payment and recharge
● actively respond to the government's gas price system, realize real-time remote price adjustment, realize step pricing, and realize remote control (valve control, user upgrade), etc
● The communication network uses wireless public network, with wide coverage, stable communication, maintenance free and high security level
● The management system receives the data uploaded from the meter terminal in real time, and analyzes the data in time, so as to achieve normal business settlement and timely fault alarm
● The management system makes targeted analysis on user data to know the regional or individual gas consumption and provide basis for value-added services

  • Mobile public network
  • Fast upload
  • Online recharge
  • Safety protection