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Wireless remote meter reading solution

This scheme mainly solves the problems such as difficult to enter the house, difficult to charge, difficult to monitor and ladder pricing. It is composed of upper computer management system, meter terminal and meter reading equipment. The wireless communication frequency band supports 470-510mhz. The meter reader carries the meter reading equipment to the community or clothing terminal ganger yard h. The meter terminal carries out meter reading, price adjustment, valve control and other wireless operations without taking M / state, / m to multipoint wireless mode, and imports the collected data into the background management system, Carry out corresponding analysis and management.








● Low power consumption, long communication distance, Lora communication module sensitivity up to - 139dbm, communication distance of 3km
● It adopts point-to-point wireless meter reading, no wiring and equipment need to be added for on-site construction. It can be used for wireless meter reading, which is economical and practical
● Portable meter reading, vehicle meter reading, flat Bluetooth meter reading and other wireless devices can be selected, which is convenient for gas companies to use in different communities
● The wireless frequency of the field terminal is adjustable, which can quickly adjust the application in case of radio signal conflict with other equipment in the same area

  • Wireless automatic routing
  • Wireless frequency self calibration
  • Self maintenance of network state
  • Electromagnetic wake up technology