Prepaid recharge, so that the recharge method can embark on the road of humanization
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IC card prepaid solution

This scheme mainly solves the problems of difficult charging and gas control in gas operation. It takes charging system as the core, IC card as the transmission medium and IC card membrane gas meter as the terminal to carry out comprehensive business control < br> The gas meter can monitor and record the usage of the meter in real time. According to the remaining gas or the amount of money and the legitimacy of the user's operation, the meter valve can be automatically controlled to realize the on-off control of gas consumption, so as to achieve the purpose of prepayment < br> The charging system is the centralized management of IC card users, and records the data of each business of IC card recharge. On this basis, it carries out data statistics and analysis, provides data decision-making for the operation and management of gas companies, solves the problem of gas users defaulting on gas charges, and saves the human cost of meter reading in the traditional meter reading business of gas companies.








● Charging system platform architecture, BS / CS two modes are optional, the same system can be compatible with other companies' intelligent meters, equipment management and other application modules
● The product scheme supports multi echelon pricing, which can meet the personalized settlement scheme and other use needs of multi category users
● The product solution supports multi-mode recharge, such as Bluetooth card reader, POS machine, self-service terminal and other modes, which is convenient for users to pay

  • Valve control
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Excellent sealing performance
  • Multi ladder expansion