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  • Terminal metering
    iC card meter, wireless transport meter, NB IoT meter, ultrasonic gas meter, Roots meteor meter, turbine flow meter
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    IC card prepaid solution to millions of cases, wireless remote meter reading solution, NB IoT meter solution Fang Wu
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    Cooperate with many brands, such as Jinka, Weixing, Pioneer, Chint, Xinao, etc. have maintained close cooperative relations
Common problem
  • Q1:Common problems and solutions of Ic card diaphragm gas meter

    1, the table can not breathe (can not fire)

    1.1 No "close valve" and other prompts above the display (to prove that the gas meter is normal)

    1.1.1 The front cock of the door ball valve or fuel appliance is not opened.

    1.1.2 If the fuel battery is out of power, replace the fuel battery.

    1.1.3 Stove and water heater are broken (fire test check of the stove one by one).

    1.2 "Close Valve" and other prompts are displayed at the top of the display

    1.2.1 "Close Valve" + "Insufficient Air Volume"

    If the amount of air in the table is zero, it can be zero impulse value.

    1.2.2 "Close Valve" + "Low Power"

    If the battery is low, replace the battery.

    1.2.3 "Valve Off" + "Overcurrent" + "EE-F01"

    If the traffic is abnormal, reinsert the card or power it on again. Wait until Overcurrent disappears.

    1.2.4 "Off Valve" + "Fault" + "EE-F02"

    If the counting failure is caused by damp and other reasons, it disappears after re-powering, if it continues to occur after a period of time, the table must be repaired and replaced.

    1.3 The display is not displayed

    Replace the battery, 15 seconds after normal use.

    The battery system must be self-checked for 15 seconds before normal use each time it is replaced.

    1.4 There may be some air left in the newly opened residential district pipeline and it will not catch fire. It can be done after exhausting the air (pay attention to air exhaust).

    2, the display does not show

    2.1 If the battery is dead, replace the battery.

    2.2 If the battery is incorrectly installed or not in good contact, remove the battery and reinstall it according to the positive and negative electrodes.

    3, gas input is not (do not read the card)

    3.1 If the battery is low, the message "Low Battery" appears, and the card does not sound, replace the battery 15 seconds later.

    3.2 If the card is inserted backwards, the accumulated consumption will be displayed. At this time, 5 seconds after the card is removed, the chip can be inserted towards the electronic display.

    3.3 If the chip is dirty or not in good contact, the card displays EE-FF and can be wiped clean.

    3.4 If the card is broken and the card displays EE-FF, go to the business hall to replace the card.

    3.5 Gas out, the card shows 0.00, go to the business hall to refill the gas (gas out means that the gas is not filled on the table, the gas on the card is gone).

    3.6 If the gas meter is faulty, the card displays EE-FF, re-initializes the gas meter to be readable, and repairs the meter without reading the newspaper.

    3.7 Lock the card, the card displays SEC-01, and the business hall is unlocked.


    ① If the display displays "EE-FF" after inserting the card, the card is not read.

    Usually empty card do not plug in the table, will affect the card and gas meter life.

    ③ The lock card finger causes errors in the reading process due to poor contact or too fast insertion. To unlock the card, test the card on the management system.

    4. The battery doesn't last long

    4.1 You are advised to replace a good battery.

    4.2 If the line is rusted or short-circuited due to dampness of the gas meter, it shall be repaired.

    5, LCD various prompts and processing


    Prompt status




    Lock card

    Business hall unlock



    The card password verification is incorrect

    The card has been scrapped and must be replenished


    Inserting a wrong card, a bad card or not reading a card

    As per section 3


    Overflow, abnormal pipeline pressure

    Insert the reverse card to restore, can not restore repair


    Gas meter failure

    Handle according to 1.2.4

    Open valve

    The gas meter works normally

    Close valve

    Zero gas volume, undervoltage, failure or overcurrent

    Proceed as 1.2

    Low battery

    If the battery is lower than 5V, the battery is low

    Replace the battery as soon as possible

    Gas shortage

    Gas volume below 2m³ indicates insufficient gas volume

    Refill gas as soon as possible

    Remaining natural gas in the instrument

    Remaining natural gas in the instrument


    The user card is inserted backwards to display the accumulated usage

  • Q2:Common problems and solutions of Smart diaphragm gas meter