Mechanical Temperature Film-Supplemented Gas Meter
Roxyne Mechanical Temperature Compensation Gas Meter is a membrane gas meter which adds a mechanical temperature compensation device, i.e. a spiral bimetal sheet, on the basis of a common membrane gas meter, and designs the track of the distorted crank shaft.As the ambient temperature changes relative to the standard state (20 C), the gas volume of the same mole number expands or shrinks.Membrane gas meters are bound to produce measurement deviations due to temperature changes.In order to accurately measure the comparable gas volume of the same mole number, the measurement bias caused by the change of temperature can be compensated by increasing or decreasing the gas meter's rotary volume.To achieve this compensation function, the length of the dislocated crank can be changed to increase or decrease the rotary volume of the gas meter by utilizing the displacement characteristic of the thermal bimetal sheet with the change of temperature. Finally, the same mole of gas measured is equal to the volume of gas in the standard state.Roxyne mechanical thermometer has accurate measurement, stable performance, anti-reversal device and prevents counting inversion.Suitable for measuring natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other media.
Technical parameters
Basic technical parameters
Parameter nameCompanyModel and specification
Maximum flow  m³/h
Minimum flowm³/h0.016
Maximum working pressurekPa50
Pressure lossPa≤200
Basic error%                qmin≤q<qt时,  ±3%
                qt≤q≤qmax时,  ±1.5%
TightnesskPa                Input air 1.5 times the maximum working pressure for three minutes without leakage
Long term operation performance  /It shall meet the requirements of national standard GB / t6968-2019 membrane gas meter after running for 5000h under the maximum flow
Service temperature                -10~40
Accuracy level/                1.5 Grade

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