Roxyne Intelligence creates value for customers
Committed to becoming a first-class service provider for gas utilities
Roxyne Intelligence creates value for customers

ZheJiang Roxyne Smart Meters Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of membrane gas meter, ultrasonic gas meter, Roots flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, Smart metering terminal, Smart meter reading solution, information management platform, etc. The company is committed to becoming a first-class service provider for gas utilities.

Roxyne Smart Meters began to enter the gas field in 1997, officially established the company,which is located in the national historical and cultural city of Linhai Cityin 2001, with the registered capital of 56 million yuan, The factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters, and has set up Smart metering products, Smart gas research and development center in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Roxyne Smart Meters constantly innovates and introduces quality management tools. In addition to advanced testing equipment and high-precision testing instruments, it also develops a set of production management system according to the characteristics of products, which can control the quality of products in real time according to the data stored in the test, break through the whole process of testing and form a complete closed-loop traceability system, and escort the quality of products of Roxyne.

Roxyne Smart Meters is one of the makers of national and industry standards, participated in the formulation and revision of multiple standards such as “GB/T6968-2019 membrane gas meter", “JB_T12958-2016 household ultrasonic gas meter", “T/ ZZB0312-2018 membrane gas meter", wireless remote transmission membrane gas meter “CJ/T503-2016", Zhejiang manufacturing group standard “T/ZZB0709-2018" , “Made in Zhejiang"  at the same time was identified as Zhejiang famous brand products, and obtained the international MID-B certification, MID-D certification, the European Union CE certification.

Roxyne Smart Meters Company has been rated as "Top ten brand enterprises of China gas meter", "National high-tech Enterprise", "Small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology in Zhejiang Province", "Green Enterprise", "AAA level contract and credit enterprise", "Zhejiang Famous brand products", "Taizhou Gazelle Enterprise", "Linhai Top 50 industrial enterprises".

Roxyne Smart Meters company will be advanced technology and rich experience into the product, with excellent quality, high system security and perfect service to win the trust and support of our customers. Rongxin Company has also been strongly supported by government departments at all levels. Feng Fei, Executive Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Li Yueqi, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Taizhou City, CAI Yongbo, Executive Vice Mayor of Taizhou City, Mei Shimiao, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Linhai City, Mayor Wang Dan and other leaders have come to Rongxin Company many times to carry out service guidance work, cheer for the high-quality development of enterprises, guide and help solve the problems encountered in the development of enterprises.

Roxyne Smart Meters Company will continue to "pragmatic, refined, innovative, strong" spirit of enterprise, continue to innovate products, to "science and technology, talent, culture" strategy to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

company culture
Based on the domestic and global vision
Committed to becoming a first-class service provider in the gas industry
  • Real foundation
    We believe: sincere, there are unlimited possibilities. Sincere and trustworthy, it is a scarce product in the industry and will bring us eternal dividends.
  • customer relations
    We hope that every customer can become a repeat customer after cooperating with Rongxin, and we regard customers as friends. Customer satisfaction is the highest standard for measuring our achievements.
  • Partnerships
    We believe that employees are not business tools, they are partners, and comrades-in-arms. We provide excellent welfare guarantees, provide timely and reasonable returns, and let talents become a considerable long-term community of interests.
  • Sustainable development
    We pursue long-term benefits, achieve sustainable operations, and create lifetime value. Take every step steadily and abandon quick success. We firmly believe that time will answer.
development path
Struggling all the way just for better!
Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, we have been growing and constantly accepting new challenges, and now we have become one of the industry's leading suppliers of smart gas meters and overall meter reading solutions. We are committed to becoming a service provider of gas utility-stream.









2001-2002 year
Start to develop gas meter and enter the market to bid
In 2001, the national large-scale project of "west to East Gas Transmission" started. The company foresaw the good opportunity for the development of gas industry, renamed Linhai Roxyne Gas Meter Co., Ltd., and started to develop gas meters.
Quality management system certification in 2002, obtained the production license of steel shell series gas meters, and participated in the bidding in Shanghai market.
2003-2005 year
Relocation of the new park and won the honorary title
In October 2003, the new plant of Datian Dongda Industrial Park was completed and moved to put into operation.
In 2005, it won the title of Taizhou garden unit.
1995-1997 year
Company start-up to company name change
In 1995, Linhai Chengnan gas appliance factory was founded and engaged in the production of gas cookers by renting houses in Linhai City.
In 1997, the company changed its name to Linhai Xinhe valve factory, and the product structure changed.
2006-2007 year
Continuous development of new products and licensing
In 2006, the industrial and commercial membrane gas meter was developed and the production license was obtained.
In July 2007, the wireless remote transmission series intelligent table was developed and the production license was obtained.
2007-2009 year
Approved to establish technical center and increase qualification certification
In December 2007, it was approved to establish Zhejiang SME Technology Center.
In 2009, it won the qualification of Zhejiang high tech enterprise for the first time.
2012-2016 year
Establishment of Shanghai Longkai R & D company and renewal of equity system
The establishment of Shanghai Longkai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in 2012 marks that the company's R & D capability of smart meters has been upgraded to a new level.
In 2016, the company took the first step in the preparation for listing.
2017-2019 year
Renamed as a joint stock company with high export volume
In 2017, the company officially changed its name to: Zhejiang Roxyne smart meters Co., Ltd.
In 2019, the export value of ultrasonic smart gas meters will reach more than 80 million.
2020~2023 year
High output
In 2021, the third generation of iot meter was fully launched andreceived wide and favorable responses.
In 2022, the company's new laboratory has been completed andput into use to escort product research and development.
2023 we obtained CNAS laboratory accreditation certifcate andspecial metrology certification.
In 2022, the company's new laboratory will be completed and put into use, escorting product research and development.

About Roxyne Manufacture
We have intelligent production lines and high-precision testing equipment, including stamping workshop, injection molding workshop, assembly workshop, plastic spraying workshop, calculation and calibration workshop, etc. we have gradually realized intelligent integrated manufacturing, with an annual production of more than 2 million sets of intelligent gas meters.
About the whole process traceability system
Roxyne manufacturing, with a complete production process anti stay mechanism, untested products or tested bad products, the next process will intercept the reminder.
Roxyne manufacturing has complete traceability records, including test staff, production date, parts supplier, part batch, and in plant test and replacement of spare parts.
Roxyne manufacturing, has a perfect production rate analysis system, each product, each site has a visual good rate analysis report, to alert.
R & D capability
The company attaches great importance to the strategic development plan of scientific and technological talents, focusing on the training and development of scientific research personnel. So far, the members of the company's R & D team account for 30% of the total number, including more than 60 technical R & D members, 18 directly engaged in product development, 10 laboratories, 8 engaged in market analysis and research, 5 engaged in product certification and standards, 5 senior engineers and 9 engineers, There are 3 main technical leaders among the developers.
  • Advanced equipment
  • Complete production line
  • Personnel
  • Abundant resources
  • Scientific development
3A credit rating certificate
Certificate of municipal high tech research and Development Center